Beduis field

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We are at Beduis' fields, in the Socarrats sector, beneath the Agudes hill. Meadows, bundles and even sensed shacks torn down. Above the pine forest you see, the subalpine grasslands begin.
These fields were also used to dart and have more food for cattle stagnant during the winter; Therefore, we can not say that they are spontaneous, but favored by man. If we let them abandon, vegetable succession will transform them as we will see later.
The highest peak on the left, on the other side of the valley is the Pastuira hill of 2353m high, on top of Setcases. At the head of the valley, Vallter 2000, on the back, the peak of "La Dona", 2704m. To the south, the Moros Castle, the Fontlletera hill and the Catllar mountain range.