Forn Strings

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We are located in the Forn Strait, a narrow passage excavated by the erosive action of water between these metamorphic limestone rocks. The arboreal vegetation is dominated by the ash trees with the presence of some poplar. The atmosphere is very humid, an ideal environment for mosses and ferns.
These humid environments are the ideal amphibian habitat such as salamander (foto). It is probably among the urodels, amphibians with tail, the most abundant and easy to see. Their larvae are easy to see almost all year round in places with clean waters, such as ponds, fountains and streams.
Once a year the females dip the tail part and put the larvae, which once they have finished their development will leave the water and go to humid places in the forest, where males and females live all their life.
Their appearance, yellow spots on a black background, is used as a warning sign for any possible predator, since its skin contains small amounts of toxic substances that irritate the eyes and the mouth of those who dare to come near.
foto: Stefen Häuser