Wild olives

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Olea Europaea, var. Sylvestris

You are on the Passeig d’Empúries path, specifically in the wood of Pedrigolet. To the left of the path, the dominant vegetation is groves of Aleppo pines and stone pines. On the right-hand side, among the pines, large numbers of wild olives can be seen. 

The soil, water and weather conditions, and how they are shaped by external causes such as animals or the wind that will decide whether the trees are small and dense or large and tall. 

These wild olive trees are the same species as the cultivated olive trees we all know, but they are not as productive and their olives are of no interest for their taste and size. To turn them into cultivated trees, it is necessary to make three grafts and provide better conditions, with richer soil and a supply of fertilizer and water.