El Ter
La Muntanya d'Ullà des del poble
Pla d'Ullà i el massís del Montgrí al fons

The Ullà plain and the Ter dam

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The plain, the apples and the river

A circular route which starts in the pretty village of Ullà and goes across the Ullà plain as far as the Ter dam. This is a quintessential agricultural plain, where lines of apple trees mapped out with a ruler, are especially noteworthy. You can enjoy the scenic corners of the village of Ullà, the bank of the river Ter and the agricultural character of the river plain, with the ever-present Montgrí and the mountain of Ullà as a backdrop, and some interesting notes, like a centuries-old oak in the middle of the plain and a small shelter from the Spanish Civil War.

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  • Typology
    Anti-clockwise circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    2 hours 20 minutes
  • Slope
    40.00 meters
  • Distance
    8.00 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
    Architecture and environment
  • Activity
    By foot
    By bike
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The plain, the apples and the river

This route starts from the village of Ullà, from the parking spaces on Carrer del Mestre Eliseu Carbó. Before entering the village, which you do twice, once on the outward leg and once on the return leg, set off straight away on a track which briefly passes through the outskirts and takes you to see Mas Xiquet, one of the notable farmhouses in the area.

Now the path takes you into the first part of the tour of the village, passing the gate on Carrer Muntanya, the little Plaça de Sant Andreu, the Church and Carrer de Jeroni Pujol, from where you leave the village to seek the Camí Fondo, which takes you without hesitation across the Ullà agricultural plain.

Above all, this plain offers irrigation channels and linear views of rows of apple trees, but it can also seduce you with little details: a row of cypresses offering protection from the onslaught of the wind, a centuries-old oak, a tamarisk that grows and grows, an irrigation channel full of life…

Further down, now alongside the river Ter, leave the Camí Fondo and turn following the direction of the river, as though you wanted to accompany it to the sea. The river, although it is now very nearby, is hidden behind thick reedbeds and riverside trees. Like how the people who spent periods in the shelter here hid from the ravages of the Spanish Civil War. Further on, the track becomes faint, the vegetation and the river’s floods often change the appearance of the area. Luckily, though, you have the reference point of the crops which are a little further in, protected from the disorder of the river. If you are on a bike, you might have to get off here and push for a short distance.

You return to the farm tracks and, now the river appears before you in its full breadth, just next to a grove that offers good shade. Further on is the dam, where the water plays at branching here and there, indifferent to its productive fate.

You are now close to the village, which you enter from another side, taking the opportunity to look at the Carrer dels Bous, the Plaça de l’Ajuntament, the Carrer de la Volta and the Carrer de la Muntanya, on your way back to the starting point of this excursion.



  • An easy route, almost entirely on rural tracks and paths. However, in the river area, the paths can be easily lost, depending on floods and the growth of the reeds and the thick vegetation. We recommend following the faintest stretch on the side of the nearby crops (follow the route on the app).
  • If you are going by bike, on the river section you might have to get off and cross some obstacles on foot. 


  • Water might be available just before setting off, in Ullà. Despite this, in the summer, we recommend taking plenty of water with you.


  • The paths and tracks you walk on can be very busy with tractors and other vehicles depending on the time of the year. In any case, when on foot, it is better to walk on the left-hand side facing the direction of the traffic.
  • In case of wet weather, beware of possible raised water levels in the river and do not get too close to the banks, especially if you have children with you.
  • Take care when crossing the dam, especially if you have children with you.


  • The route is on the open plain and has little shade. Protect yourself well from the effects of the sun.


  • The terrain is easy on all of the route, except, perhaps, the river area where you might find stretches which are a bit muddy.


  • Hiking poles might help on the long trail sections.
  • Binoculars and a camera for watching the bird life and photographing the scenery of the Empordanet.


  • In Ullà there are bars, restaurants, accommodation and information services about the area.

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What to see in: The Ullà plain and the Ter dam

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Muntanya d'Ullà

Point of interest

The Muntanya d’Ullà is the most westerly part of the Montgrí Massif, with Puig Rodó (308 m) as the highest peak and the second highest in the whole massif after the Montplà.

Like the rest of the...

Mas Xiquet

Point of interest

An important farmhouse in the Ullà area, which has for a very long time been located next to a track dating back to the Iberians and the Romans, which linked Empúries with the interior of the...

The old village of Ullà I

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You now enter for the first time the oldest part of the historical village of Ullà through the gate on Carrer de la Muntanya, which was one of the gates that allowed entry to the village, and which...

Rows of cypresses

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Here there is a row of cypresses planted in a line alongside the route. This might see very normal, and even go unnoticed, or you might think that they are just planted this way because of a lack of...

Camí Fondo Oak

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The scenery of this Camí Fondo could be described as monotonous: lines of apple trees one after the other, flat land… Nonetheless, here and there you will see all sorts of interesting elements, like...


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Here is something else standing alone in the middle of the apparent monotony of the agricultural plain: a tamarisk. But what a tamarisk!

We are used to seeing tamarisks close to the coast, especially...

Apple trees

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This area of the Baix Ter, with Ullà as one of the leading municipalities, has specialised in producing apples. Although they have long been grown here, they are now cultivated now in a modern...

El Ter

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The riverside woods, which are in a good state of conservation, have an important environmental and scenic function with the presence of native species such as white willow(Salix alba), narrow-leafed...

The Ter Dam

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The current dam appears to replace an older one. This specific one was built by Don Joan Çarriera i de Gurb in 1679. Although the original function of the Rec was to provide water for the Dalt, Mig...

The old village of Ullà II

Point of interest

You now re-enter Ullà, almost ready to end the itinerary, to see the part of the village you did not see at the start. You enter from the Camí de la Resclosa, on Carrer de Joan Maragall and Carrer del...

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What to see in: The Ullà plain and the Ter dam

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What to do in: The Ullà plain and the Ter dam

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