Puig Madrona (336 m)

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Talaia west of the Collserola massif. Short but intense climb up the Puig de Madrona to enjoy the fantastic and practically 360° views of both Collserola and also Baix Llobregat and Vallès Occidental. It is then a pleasant stroll down a track which edges the Torrent de Julià basin, between the emergent holm oaks and pine groves, before dropping back down to Valldoreix, with its views of the Can Monmany manor house.

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  • Typology
    Anti-clockwise circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    1 hour 55 minutes
  • Slope
    250.00 meters
  • Distance
    5.70 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
    Architecture and environment
  • Activity
    By foot
  • Rating

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Talaia west of the Collserola massif. A straightforward and comfortable circular route, except for the initial climb of Puig Madrona. We start at Plaça Joan Gassó, in the Can Monmany district of Valldoreix. The climate soon begins along a narrow lane, and then a track, surrounded by newly regrown holm oaks, as far as the Puig Madrona lookout (380 m). Follow the route, but then along the track, past a storage tank, the PR-C 35 is marked, leading directly (along a straighter line) up to the summit. The wonderful views stretch out as far as the day's conditions will allow. The plain of the Llobregat, the Collserola massif, the pre-coastal uplands, the plain of Vallesana, etc. All the hard work is now behind you, so you can enjoy the moment and the rest of the trip. The route shortly drops back down to the hermitage of the Mare de Déu de la Salut, along the PR-C 35 trail. There are tables and picnic areas here. The wider and gently undulating path then continues around the source of the Torrent de Julià. The landscape is wooded, a blend of pine trees and holm oak undergrowth, combining different forms and structures. Across the streams running along the sheltered slopes the undergrowth becomes wilder, with the holm oaks to the fore. Elsewhere (on the crests and sunny slopes), Aleppo pines and heather predominate. The occasional oak tree is dotted about, preferring the cooler spots. The woodland occasionally allows glimpses of the landscape. It is here that you will see Can Monmany emerge in all its grandeur, and in the background the cities of Rubí and Terrassa, with the Parc de Sant Llorenç del Munt beyond. And in just a jiffy, you will be back down at the starting point.


LAYOUT The route mainly follows a wide, comfortable path. The track leading down to La Salut from Puig Madrona is signposted as the PR-C 35. There is just one steep climb at the start, to ascend Puig Madrona. Do not worry about any signposts you may see. Follow the track. At the Coll de Faura there is a trail leading up the Turó de l'Alzinar, along the crest, from where you can drop down to rejoin the track. (For those preferring less of a path) WATER There are no springs. PRECAUTIONS Take care with your footing when descending Puig Madrona so as not to slip. TERRAIN The path leading up Puig Madrona and the track leading down to La Salut, have stones and roots which can be slippery after rainfall. EQUIPMENT Hiking poles are useful on the paths. Photographic equipment. OTHER AMENITIES The area around the Mare de Déu de la Salut hermitage has picnic tables. At the far end, as you cross the Torrent de Julià, you will see a path heading off on the left. This leads past Can Monmany. It is a large stone manor house, and probably one of the finest views along the route.

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What to see in: Puig Madrona (336 m)

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Alzinar rebrot

Point of interest

A l’obaga del Puig Madrona, l’alzinar pren força rellevància. Els pins blancs només apareixen puntualment, juntament amb algun roure. Les alzines, són petites i denses. Aquests arbres estan formats...

Puig Madrona

Point of interest

Important elevació situada al marge de ponent del massís de Collserola i per les àmplies vistes a les comarques i serres properes tant litorals com prelitorals. El Papiol i la plana del riu Llobregat;...

Ermita de la Salut

Point of interest

Edifici d'una sola nau, amb una part preromànica de cap al segle X. D'aquesta fase és la finestra geminada de la façana de ponent i la finestra esqueixada senzilla del costat de la porta. L'absis i...

Alzinar humit

Point of interest

A la carena solella, el bosc està format per una pineda mixta amb sotabosc d’alzinar. Quan passem per un racó frescal, en creuar un torrent, augmenta la densitat d’alzines, el sotabosc de fulla ample...


Point of interest

Sorbus domestica. Aquest abret que hi ha a la dreta del camí, de fulla composta amb 6-9 parells de folíols. Els fruits que recorden petites pometes, són durs i astringents, però comestibles un cop...

Vistes Monmany

Point of interest

Anteriorment era coneguda com a Mas Brunet, fins que l’any 1640 s’hi instal·là el primer Monmany, procedent de Sant Boi. Esdevingué una propietat molt rica gràcies a la producció de vi, el qual era...


Point of interest

Quercus cerrioides. El troben baixant per la Serra d’en Julià, direcció nord. On els ambients són favorables, àcids, frescals i humits, a la pineda mixta amb sotabosc d’alzinar se li sumen alguns...

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Una ruta realmente bonita o agradable!

una ruta muy agradecida y no es difícil, está bien para pasar un sábado por la mañana.
Agradable. Al començament puges i baixes, però després es converteix en una passejada tranquil-la i còmoda.
Ruta muy buena sin mucha dificultad
Paseo, excursión, agradable entre bosque y vistas amplias

What to see in: Puig Madrona (336 m)

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What to do in: Puig Madrona (336 m)

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