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Puig de L'Àliga

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An eagle’s eye view of the bay.

Leaving from the Mas Oliva residential development, we’ll enter the Alzeda valley and climb Pic de l'Àliga (463 metres). At noon, the silver sea of the great Bay of Roses will be lit up before us. To the north, with an eagle’s eye view, we will see the more modest Bay of Port de la Selva, enclosed between valleys and mountains of the coast of Cap de Creus.

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  • Typology
    Anti-clockwise circular
  • Difficulty
  • Duration
    2 hours 30 minutes
  • Slope
    461.00 meters
  • Distance
    7.00 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
  • Activity
    By foot
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An eagle’s eye view of the bay.

We start in front of the Rescator padel tennis club at Mas Oliva in Roses and climb gently along a track that leads into the Alzeda valley. Just before arriving at the farm that gives its name to the valley, we will find an enormous olive tree on a curve in the road that was planted several hundred years ago. We reach the farmhouse which is uninhabited and in ruins, with only some sheep and goats grazing in its meadows giving life to this solitary location. The path climbs steeply, flanking a grove of cork oaks which have grown quite large as the cork hasn’t been removed for many years.

We will soon have a good view over the valley and the town of Roses. While we climb steeply, the scrubland is dotted with wild olive trees, mastic trees, heather, rock roses, thorny broom, gorse, etc., which leave exposed the dark and rusty-coloured schist covered with multicoloured lichens. We will arrive at Pla de Can Causa, another ruined farmhouse in an imposing location. The first thing that strikes us is the spherical dome of the military base that crowns Puig del Pení (607 metres). This is the highest point within the Roses and Cadaqués area. To the north, delimiting the boundaries of Palau-Saverdera and Selva de Mar, Sant Salvador (670 metres) is the highest peak in the Serra de Rodes.

We will turn towards Poniente and climb along the ridge. Here the conditions for the vegetation are extremely harsh: with strong winds, drought, grazing, fires, etc., the plants take on prostrate shapes and are protected between the blocks of stone of the Cim de l'Àliga (463 metres). From here we can see a wide view of the Bay of Roses to the south and Port de la Selva to the north.

We descend following the ridge, losing height quite rapidly until we reach a hill where gnarled cork oaks grow on the terraces of some barely recognisable old vineyards. When we arrive back in the vicinity of Mas Oliva, we find the olive groves from which the precious oil of the argudell and verdal varieties is extracted.



  •         Some stretches are uphill and as you reach the top, the climb gets steeper.


  •      There are no sources of drinking water, therefore you must bring water with you


  •         Respect crops and private property.


  • There is no shade. In summer avoid the hours of maximum sunshine.
  •        In winter, on windy days, appropriate clothing must be worn.


  •          The terrain is stony. Wear appropriate footwear.
  •         Near the summits there are some points with a steep descent.


  •          Sunglasses, binoculars, topographic map, camera.


  •          At some points you will see signposts and footpath signs that shouldn’t be followed.

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What to see in: Puig de L'Àliga

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We find ourselves in front of a huge olive tree. At ground level, its roots extend over a huge area. Its trunk is of spectacular diameter, and becomes more and more gnarled towards the start of the...

Mas de l'Alzeda

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Som al fons de la vall per on s'escola la Riera de Ginjolers. Cap a migjorn tanca la vall la Carena de l'Alzeda i el Pla de les Gates. Al nord el Pic de l'Àliga és on ens enfilarem a continuació. Tota...

Pedres de tots colors

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La geologia de la zona, dóna esquistos, i granits. Aquestes roques són les que s'utilitzaven per construir els murs de pedra seca, i les barraques de camp. Els granits donen pedres molt dures i...

The Can Causa plain

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Des d'aquest punt podem veure la badia de Roses amb la desembocadura de La Muga i el Fluvià. Tanquen la badia el massís del Montgrí i a la punta les Illes Medes. Als nostres peus la població de roses...


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Si parlem d'àligues la reina indiscutible d'aquestes carenes és l'àliga cuabarrada (Hieraaetus fasciatus). De gran envergadura, amb el pit blanc, les ales fosques i la cua clara amb una barra fosca a...

The cork oaks

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In these abandoned terraces, where before the phylloxera there were vines, a handful of cork oaks (Quercus suber) grow forming a sparse, low forest. From the family of phagaceae, the cork oak...

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In the abandoned terraces, where many years ago there were vineyards, a varied collection of semi-woody plants of low and medium-size are now fighting back having been subject to many wildfires. They...


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Aquest paisatge d'oliverars i marges de pedra seca laboriosament treballats, s'ha anat configurant des de molts segles enrere. El conreu de l'Olivera s'atribueix a l'arribada dels grecs que al segle...

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Durant la pujada i a dalt les vistes són molt boniques. La baixada és curta però intensa. Cal portar aigua i anar ben calçat. evitar dies de caça.

Taking the ovwirvee, this post is first class

Nice footpath but not 7 km about 10 km very pleasant
le pla 'can causa' est en cours de rénovation. de la vigne a été plantée

What to see in: Puig de L'Àliga

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