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Amer is a municipality in Selva’s region located at the beginning of the Brugent valley just before the Garrotxa coming from Girona or Santa Coloma de Farners. The term is eminently mountainous, although the nucleus of Amer and neighborhoods enjoy the plain that the valley forms in this place. The municipality also includes several spread neighborhoods like Sant Climent, Costa de Santa Brígida and La Jonquera, and a couple of small urbanizations, Solivent and the Colònia de la Hidroeléctrica, comprising a stable population of about 2.300 inhabitants

The term is profusely wooded, with a humid and temperate environment, with mixed forests of oaks, chestnut trees and beech trees, with pre-eminence of one or the other depending on the orientation. Also, worth mentioning, the rich riverside forest along the Brugent River, which is quite well preserved. On the plain, there are many fields dedicated to gardening, cereals and some hazelnuts. It also has a significant industrial and services activity.

The existence of the population is very old, since it is documented from 840, but it is marked by the foundation of the monastery in 949, growing rapidly and consolidating itself as an independent city from 1494, when the first mayor was named. 

Rich in traditions, the main festive events of Amer are the “Festa Major”, in the middle of August, centered in the “Sardana of the Mayor”; the “Festa del Roser”, on the first Sunday of May; the “Festa dels Dolors”, on the Friday before Easter, with the “processó amb manaies”; the “Festa de l’Albergínia” of the Pedreguet district, the first weekend of September, with the “Plantada del Vern”; the “aplecs” of Santa Brígida, on the first Sunday of February, and of Sant Climent and Sant Corneli, on the second Sunday of September; “La Castanyada”, for “Festa de l’Aniversari”, the first Sunday of November, and the “Pesebre Vivent”, during Christmas.


Did you know that...?


In Amer there have been born or have been from, up to five presidents of the Generalitat throughout the history of the institution: up to three ancient abbots of the Amer monastery, between the 16th and 17th centuries, considered the influence of the monasteries in those times, and two others that were born: Arnau Descolomer, 10th president, between 1384 and 1389, and the recent Carles Puigdemont, the 130th.


The cobblestones of the town square of Amer are extracted from other streets and squares of Catalan municipalities that responded to the call made in this regard, given the difficulty to find new ones, by the City Council of Amer. In return, a badge would remember their donation. For this reason, the name of each of these municipalities has been engraved in different places in the square, which allow different sections of Catalonia to be able to be walked on, in Amer: Badalona, Barcelona, La Bisbal, Figueres, Girona, Mataró, Olot, Palamós, Sabadell, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Santa Coloma de Farners, Terrassa and Vic.


Do not miss...


“La Sardana de l’Alcalde”, a massive “sardana” and the “gegants”, one of the most genuine acts Amer has managed to conserve till now. It is held for the Festa Major, in mid-August.


What to do...?


Apart from walking around and discovering some corners of the old town, it is advisable to climb to the chapel of Santa Brígida, rising above a very visible spur cliff, where the panoramic view of Amer and the valley will enchant you.


When to go...?


If we go on the first weekend of November, we can enjoy a friendly and popular Castanyada, with even a chestnut roasting contest. Autumn time, lets eat!




Near Amer, we can visit the old town of Anglès, very well preserved, with interesting elements of the medieval period.

Near Amer, we have a paradisiac nature in the valley of Llémena, between the Gironès and La Garrotxa, from where you will also find good routes in the Natura Local app. More info:

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