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Amer’s Fountains

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A liquid wealth

Simple route that gives us a good distraction time walking through a series of fountains, some of them especially important, in a shady, calm and fresh environment.

We will cross a small section of the greenway (via verda) of the “camí del carrilet”, we will go a little into the mountain and visit a very special fountain, then return by another path between more fountains and a riverside forest.

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  • Typology
    Time Circular
  • Difficulty
    For families
  • Duration
    1 hour 40 minutes
  • Slope
    103.00 meters
  • Distance
    5.70 km
  • Theme
    Flora and fauna
  • Activity
    By foot
    By bike
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A liquid wealth

We will start the route at the train station of Amer between Olot and Girona, where we will take the same path from the track towards Olot. We will move smoothly along this wide, flat, well sign-posted path for about two kilometers.

After doing this section we will find ourselves next to the bottling plant “Fonter”, but we will turn in the opposite direction of the facilities. We will spend about 400 meters in the mountain of “Serrat de Folguerons” along a path that has a moderate rise between chestnut trees and other deciduous trees. There we will see the Abeurador’s Fountain, fresh and shaded. Further on, we will find the Carlins’ Fountain, where we will take half a step to return to the path of the track.

Next, we will go down to the premises of the bottling plant, “Fonter”, and we will have to enter the site to find Picant Fountain, which can be found in romantic gardens near the offices.

After visiting Picant Fountain we will leave the premises and we will go along a parallel path to the track towards Amer. By doing this, we will go through Capellans and Fàbregues’ Fountains, in a very shady and humid environment, under a forest with banana and riverside trees.

There will be a moment when we will be very close to the Brugent River, and shortly after, we will move away again passing near hazelnut fields and an abandoned wooden warehouse.

The last stretch of the route before reaching the starting point goes through agricultural fields and we can see clearly in east direction, Santa Brígida’s Chapel, located at the edge of a cliff.



·        Flat itinerary.


·        We will find fountains, it is not necessary to bring water.


·       We will have to enter the enclosure of the bottling plant, there we will find cars and heavy vehicles, be alerted and walk through the designated and indicated areas.

·      The stretch of the lane is shared with bicycles, we must pay attention and walk along the path.

·        During periods of heavy rains, careful with the swelling of the river.


·        The road offers shadows throughout the route.


·        Ground path.


·        Bring comfortable footwear.

·        It is recommended to take a camera.


·        The building of the train station is also a Tourist Information Center.

·        The monastery of Santa Maria.

To learn more about cork and its history in relation to human activity, you can visit the Palafrugell Cork Museum.

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What to see in: Amer’s Fountains

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Amer’s Train Station

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The route linking Olot with Girona was fully operative between 1893 and 1969, becoming an important communication channel throughout its journey at a time when both industry and inhabitants of the...

Nettle Trees

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Here these trees of smooth and gray bark grow, deciduous, elongate and a little dentate, it is very common to find them near farmhouses, although they are also used as an ornamental tree in urban...

Cork oaks and heather

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The exploitation of cork from cork oak became a very important activity in the province of Girona between the XVIII and XIX centuries, mainly from the discovery of the monk Dom Pérignon of its...

Rock Outcropping

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The geology of Amer is complex, it is one of the places of Catalonia with the most possibilities to have an earthquake, because it is still an active fault that produced the great seismic movements of...

Chestnut Trees at the Abeurador Fountain

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The name of the fountain is related to the shape of the container where the water falls, similar to an animal trough.

The forest where we are has many chestnut trees, trees that need a fresh...

Carlins Fountain

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There are many water springs in the Selva region, some ponds, other wetlands, and others in the form of mineral, thermal and carbonic fountains.

In Amer there are about 100 fountains, although it is...

Picant de Fonter Fountain

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The mineral-medicinal properties of the carbonic waters of this weak mineralization fountain were recognized by the end of the 19th century.

In 1903, the Picant Fountain was declared a fountain of...

The Alders

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They are deciduous shrubs that need a lot of moisture to grow, we can find them majorly in the water, but also in flood plains or floodplain areas.

They are very important because they are at the...

Wood Ants

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Some of the large logs that are stored in the open weather have been colonized by some perhaps less well-known ants, these are wood ants, carpenters.

This type of ants are specialized in making their...

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What to see in: Amer’s Fountains

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What to do in: Amer’s Fountains

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